Netgain Property Management Services Brings a Heart to the Industry

CEDAR CITY, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Netgain Property Management Services today announced initiatives to better empower transitory tenants and property owners in the Cedar City area. Recognizing the challenges facing the highly competitive issues faced by everyone involved in the property management business, the company has hired a Housing Advocate to help connect tenants to resources needed to maintain stability when crisis hits.

“We are so excited for the potential for our Housing Advocate, Shaunna Manchester,” states Derek Morton, CEO for Netgain Property Management Services. “Sometimes life just hits you. We seek to do more to buffer the challenges between tenants and our industry.”

A resident in Cedar City for more than 18 years, Shaunna is a people person at heart with a genuine desire to go above and beyond when someone needs it. She has 15 years of diverse experience in helping people in difficult situations find solutions by working to build relationships. Shaunna adds, “My experience has really opened my eyes to how much you can really do to help someone reach their goals just by believing in them, being kind and giving them a chance.”

After seeing the many challenges faced by tenants in the past year, Netgain has responded in unique ways. These include forming partnerships to provide increased access to mental health services and offering financial peace classes to develop better coping skills.

About Netgain Property Management Services

At Netgain Property Management, we make it easy for residents and property owners in Utah to connect with the right space or individual for their specific goals. Our friendly staff focus on helping with your situation. We offer creative solutions to problems related to the rental and real estate markets. Our team recognizes that each individual has specific concerns and plans, so we take measures to help you make the most of your budget and your situation.

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