How to Secure And Password Protect Netgear Wireless Router

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No doubt Netgear offers one of the finest wireless networking products but any device is just as good as the function it performs and when it comes to wireless routers, security is everything. It is important for users to appreciate the importance of security settings and it is recommended to go through Netgear support material which offers guidelines for secure access. However, if a user is unable to work around a loophole or confused about the security aspect, it is better to contact technical professionals at Netgear router helpline number UK for a solution. It is the robust customer support offered by trained support staff of Netgear which has added to the popularity of Netgear products and services.

Surprisingly most users are lazy enough to not make the most of it and even change the default password which is usually admin or password. Here are some of the basics for clarity of users:

  1. Netgear Router Password: It must be understood that router is the physical device which facilitates access to the wireless network and its security is just as important as that of wireless network. You need Netgear router password to access the Netgear router dashboard and change settings as we discussed above.
  1. Netgear Wireless Network Password: Wireless network password protects any unauthorized user from accessing your wireless network and prevent using your data. However, this password is separate from Netgear router password and there should be no confusion on this account.

Most people are aware about unauthorized access to their wireless network, which means they tend to set a unique password for wireless network but simply assume that wireless router is also protected by the same, which is not true. This is where the role of customer support comes in and users must seek expert assistance if in doubt about security of their network as well as Netgear router. Netgear router phone number UK will put customers in touch with technical experts who would patiently explain and resolve any such security issues in a speedy and effective manner.

Here are the steps outlined by Netgear support to setup password for Netgear router as well as wireless network.

How to Setup Password for Netgear Router Dashboard?  

  1. Connect the router cable to your PC or connect wirelessly to the same.
  2. Open a supported internet browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Type or to Login to Netgear Dashboard.
  3. Alternatively, you can access Netgear router console through
  4. Login with default username and password. Usually, default username is admin and default password is password.
  5. Next, go to Under Maintenance and click on Set a Password.
  6. Enter default password and then choose the new password which should be unique and strong. Click on Apply and after 30 seconds restart the router.
  7. Your router password is changed and it is protected from unauthorized access.

Next we would describe the steps outlined by technical support of Netgear for benefit of users. If in doubt at any point of time, do not hesitate to access expert assistance through Netgear router support number UK instead of letting your network security be compromised.

How to Setup Netgear Wireless Network Password?  

  1. Access Netgear router dashboard as described above and go to Setup>Wireless Settings.
  2. Type your SSID (Network Name) if you want to change it or you can leave it to default.
  3. Next, go to Security Options and choose WPA2-PSK(AES) as the security encryption type,
  4. Next, enter a password under the Passphrase and click on Apply to secure the wireless network. It should be noted that this password must be strong as per password policy of Netgear.
  5. Save settings and Restart Router as well as your PC for settings to come into effect.

In this technologically advanced age, hacking is not a big thing and average users and not big corporations are often the target of hackers to steal critical information among other things. Netgear proudly offers the complete solution to these security threats with it robust customer support placed at the disposal of users 24X7. Whenever facing an issue with security of Netgear router or wireless network, users can call Netgear router customer care number UK for immediate resolution.

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